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We will keep you informed on any recommendations whilst servicing or repairing your bike, We never fit parts or carry out extra work without your permission.

Stage 1 Service - £35
The bike will be fully checked over and wiped down before any mechanical work starts
All drivetrain components checked for wear
Brakes and all moving parts are checked for wear and or any unwanted movement
Drivetrain de-greased, oiled and then set up so that it works great again
Brakes set up and adjusted (hydraulic brake bleeding is £10 extra if needed)
Wheels straightened
Finally the whole bike will be fully checked over to make sure everything is nice and tight and running at its maximum efficiency.

Stage 2 Service - £50
The stage 2 service includes everything in the stage 1 service but also includes the whole drivetrain taken from the bike and washing in our professional bicycle parts cleaner in order to remove and unwanted grease and oil. The Bottom Bracket is also removed, cleaned and re-fitted using fresh grease and also the headset.
This is a fairly comprehensive service that will keep your bike and drivetrain in a better condition for longer.

Stage 3 Service - £75

The stage 3 service includes everything from the stage 1 and 2 service yet the bike is completely stripped down, cleaned, inspected, re-greased and re-assembled.

The hubs are also stripped and re-greased

New inner cables are fitted to brakes and gears

If you ride fairly often this service should be carried out at least once a year in order for your bike to last longer and work at its optimum efficiency.

The picture on the right is of a cassette having a clean in our parts washer (standard on stage 2 & 3 services).

Gear Service - £20

Check drivetrain for wear or damage

re-setup derailleurs and gear shifters

lubricate chain and cables

Want your drivetrain cleaning in the professional parts washer too? add £10


 Brake Service - £20 (cable operated brakes)

Clean the brakes and check for any wear or damage

Adjust and set-up the brakes

Lubricate any moving parts

Check over all bolts.

Hydraulic brake? all the same and includes bleeding if needed. add £10.

Single Jobs
      • Wheel true (per wheel) £10
      •  Headset service £15
      •  Front & Rear hub service £25
      •  Disk brake bleed (Pair) £25
      •  Puncture repair £10 including new innertube
      •  Wheel Build £25 plus spokes
      •  Bottom bracket fitting or replacement £15 plus parts
      •  Boxed bike build £20 kids, £25 adults
      •  Custom bike build up £75

      Suspension Servicing


      Fox rear shock service - £35

      This service is recommended every once a year at least.

      The air can is stripped down, inspected and cleaned

      New fox SKF low friction seals are fitted and the shock is then re-lubricated and put back together using official fox float oil.

      Want a more specific service? have your shock tuned with an air volume tuning kit for an extra £25!


      Fox & Rockshox suspension fork service - £50

      This service is recommended every once a year at least.

      The fork is inspected externally for any damage or excessive wear

      The fork lowers are then stripped and checked internally for any excessive wear or damage

      Everything gets a good clean, bushes are inspected and new foam rings and fox official manufacturer low friction wiper seals are fitted.

      The forks are then re-assembled using official manufacturers oils and operation is then checked.


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